Thursday, March 18, 2010


My name is Bond.... Ben Bond.... PIANG~~

This is the last word you'll hear... Yeap... he's the new bond...... Well since I am working for the secret agent as well.. I got some biodata below...

Name: Ben
Age: Doenst really matter
Weapon: Hand gun
Specialty: Lots of ring of protection
Skill: Like any other skill james bond has...

Well this 00B is the new generation of 007 Bond... He shall save the world once and for all.. All hail him.. =D

Besides that.. he also exists in DOTA.. with his name known as Ben Bond and hero name as 00B.. his special weapon is one hit KO with his... silent gun =D

PS: This fictional character does not exist in real life.. Please don't find him.... If you wanna find him.. go find kaki


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Wing Drawing

This story take place during today's Analogue Class... Oh ya the new lecturer is nice... but sad to say that we're still stuck with the same maths lecturer... =X... LOL... Anyway lets continue with the story...

Me: Wow... your drawing is awesome.. You must da be very good in drawing... Now can you draw that tsubasa?

Kian: Tsubasa?? Har??

Me: There.. the tsubasa... in ur MSN display... Ur wings...

Kian: Oh... wait a minute.. (Take my book and covers his drawing)...

after a while~

Kian: Nah...

Me: What is this?

Kian: Wing

Me: Looks more like a broken heart...

Kian: Yeah.. it is the Broken Heart wing

Me: Aint wing suppose to have two side?

Kian: As I said.. it is broken

Me: Swt

Seriously.. very very very swt... LOLX.. as if the coldest breeze on earth brushes through my skin at the moment hahahahahaa.... but anyway.. that is all for the update... cyax


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fly... and Fell

T__T Didn't get the chance to go to second round interview for Maxis Scholarship... Kinda sad... but anyway... have to move on in life... Maybe after all those studies I had is not that good... =X


Monday, March 8, 2010

Defence of the APIIT

Well... It is about time to refresh all the status of people that I've known... As in description and etc... Well start with the best hero... the rest is randomly sorted...

Chang Kah Kee - Shadow Hand
Shadow Hand is well known for his specialty in hiding his true n handsome self. Often bring fun and always mistaken by other people that he is very snobbish. In reality, shadow hand is the best buddy for you to have around and have fun.

Main Atrribute: Smart Cool Hot

Age: 21(soon)
Relationship Status: Single


Temporary immitates surrounding (as tree, chicken, penguin) to prevent himself from being detected

Natural Popper
Have a probability to avoid any upcoming attack

Able to hit up to 3 times with his spinning leg

ULTI: Low profile
Once activated, enemy will have a surprise status (Stun) for a brief period and Shadow Hand has an increment in attack as well as armor for a brief period

Farm Zheng Lin - Peace Keeper
Peace Keeper is well known of his ability to keep calm and stay neutral for all the battles going on. He is one of the best buddy to consult when you have trouble. Also, despite of the true talent he has, often he doubt his own talent which make other people kept convincing him. Though, he never miss to participate in the coldest joke which frost everyone around him.

Main Attribute: Smart Cool Hot

Age: 20(soon)
Relationship Status: Single


Halt movement and battle at that area

Able to plant trees and rare chicken.

For every tree peace keeper planted, it increases his armor and every chicken he rare increases attacks (for a specific area of effect)

ULTI: High when Anthony is Coming
Target hero be stunned and slow for a brief period. During that period, the main HP and MP will be reduced.

Jeffrey - Lame Bringer
Lame bringer never fails to escape the tightest situation with his lame joke. Despite of his blur look, he actually knows what is going on so Lame bringer is not that "blur" afterall. He is a supporting hero where always inspire and give motivation to nearby heroes to pursue their goal. Not forgetting his luck in betting always get him closer to good stuff. His mysterious behaviour makes him hard to predict. Lame bringer is truely are a must have friend.

Main Attribute: Smart Cool Hot

Age: 20
Relationship Status: Single


Target hero will have a chance to miss. If the attack is "miss", the previous damage will heal lame bringer. If the attacker successfully attacked lame bringer, the damage will be amplified.

Lame bringer creates an image to replicate himself while at the same time, lame bringer turns invisible

Increases attack of surrounding ally for a brief period but in return takes more damage due to the challenge they receives

ULTI: Lame
Any enemy heroes inside the target area will be slowed, stunned as well as silenced for a brief period

Yeu Kian Tat - Immortalist
Immortalist often questioned by his surrounding for his young look despite of his age. By this ability, many people underestimated his age and capability. Immortalist also known for his ability to win people's heart with his smile and humble character. Though his "unwillingly" to do worthless work always makes him find a better way in everything he does.

Main Attribute: Smart Cool Hot

Relationship Status: Single (but careful girls... you have a lot of girl competitors)


Temporary escapes damage for a brief period

Not my Problem
Amplifies damage taken by the target enemy hero

Young Look(Passive)
Decreases damage of surrounding enemy

ULTI: Yes Boss??!?!?
Grand immunity from the target enemy hero for a brief period

Ben Lim Pak Hong - Boss
Boss have a very good personality and never fails to be humble despite of being the loaded ones. He is a very friendly loaded person as compared to the others loaded heroes out there. With this personality, many often take him as boss. Although he is the boss, he would not take stuff for granted. Not forgetting he is a very cheerful type of hero. With that he often bring a lot of "leng" to support him during battle.

Main Attribute: Smart Cool Hot

Age: 24
Relationship Status: N/A for anyone


Implement AOE stun

I'm Dai Lou
Any enemy heroes that encounters him will have a temporary decrease in atk and def

Minion will randomly come out to help Boss to attack enemy

ULTI: LUT!! KUI (Bash him)
Summon extra three minions to attack. Boss's attack is equals to no. of minions X level of ulti X 5

Kelvin - The Joker
Joker have various ability including charm mui mui zhai and befriend with many people in a blink of an eye. Joker too have the ability to tell joke which cheer his surrounding. Not forgetting with his funny character, joker often have unknown power which are sometimes hard to predict.
Joker have a veto power which is as great as China, France, USA and RUSSIA

Main Attribute: Smart Cool Hot

Age: 22(Soon)
Relationship Status: Available for guys only (If you can win over his gf /GG)


Any skill received by the particular hero will have a small % increase in duration and damage

Any enemy hero nearby Joker will receive damage and slow in movement speed and attack speed

Cat Steak(Passive)
Any enemy heroes who targets Joker will receive a random damage and is depending on the type of skill Joker receives

Ulti: WRONG~!!!!
Passively denies damage, debuff, buff(for enemies) and any other effect including denying ally creep for a brief period

Nicky Johan - Charmer
Charmer is well known of his look and handsome capability which make all girls crazy over him. With these skills, he could be one of the deadliest hero ever as he could break anyone's heart any moment.

Main attribute: Smart Cool Hot

Age: 18
Relationship Status: Available


Wo Bu Zhe Dao
Creates a wave of sound that stuns the first hero it encounters

Draw any heroes to him. Guys have half the duration and Girls have double the duration

Temporary creates an AOE which disables spells, causes enemy to miss and slows enemy

Ulti: Heart Break
If target heroes is lower than a stated health, the hero instantly dies.

Brian Kok - the KOK
Although Rogue Knight existed in dota, The KOK very much represents him as he have a large and broad shoulder. His fame amoung poultry animals make his attack even stronger. Any enemy hero that approaches him must have a cautious mind as he could mini stun you with his specialty in using special words. Beware of his strength and attack. Though a very nice friend to have as people will felt "protected" as he is large in size

Main Attribute: Smart Cool Hot

Age: 20(Soon)
Relationship Status: TAKEN


Reduces target armor

Chicken's Hail
A call that temporary increases attack of Kok but gradually will decrease over the number of attack

For every attack an enemy hero is doing, have a brief chance to stun target

Ulti: Over Strength
Burns and destroy anything that is on the KOK's path

Well that is all I have for you. The heroes in my class... =D and of course each of them are clearly stated.... Do prepare enough gold to pick them =D hehe... Of course some of the photo is courtesy from Kah Kee... Shadow Hand.... Cyaxx


Thursday, March 4, 2010

The zombies.... are coming~

HAHA... well nothing much happen this week.. just that I am feeling... "doomed"... =X... cux of the lesson.. n some of the lecturer is leaving... anyway.. for an instance.. here are what I am currently up to...

The zombies... are.. COMING~ ahhhh~

Well... to shop for some guys.. visit kaki haha... there you can get variety of guys in my class.. hohoho... But some of them already taken.. sry.... gonna make my own version soon.. and cite kaki there haha....

Tomorrow gonna go JR's house to see what I can help in coding and at night.. go out to the same location that I went last friday to celebrate one of my friends bday...

Gtg cyax ;)


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Updates of past two important days

26/2: Went to farm's house to celebrate jeff's birthday... Well at first the objective there is to celebrate.. eat.. play a lil game and of course chatting...

But what really happened is.. as usual... game as in gambling takes most of the time... HAHA... well there are someone in the party who is... Seriously.. bored from the start till the end... haha... Is a girl though... well... Not that I didnt spark up something that she could do.. is that no consensus haha.... Overall... Fun + Boring... so it is neutral...

27/2: Went out at night to meet my high school friends and catch things up... as well as a gathering to congratulate those form 6 friends of mine getting good grades... HAHA... That is the time where I went quite late at mamak store for the first time... {Second time of my total yumcha session} HAHA.. cant believe I am so.... Different... LOLX... well having fun time chatting haha...

That is all for this week... Guess the time is really coming... as next week i'll know whether I am good.. or... nothing changes... Not forgetting... most of my friends are heading oversea to study.. woohoo =D good for them.. wish them luck... cyax ;)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Two Empires

Today... since Mr. Hussain's class was cancelled... we went to serdang to have fun haha... Not exactly serdang... but we went to Mines to have our lunch and kah kee to change his cable.... then went to kah kee house to witness some amazing Magazine...

Not short after that went to ben's house..... and play some game as well as digging his room =X... Well lose a bunch... to that game.. then went home w/o my big bottle haha...

Well what a day huh? =D got to go.. cyax ;)