Thursday, March 18, 2010


My name is Bond.... Ben Bond.... PIANG~~

This is the last word you'll hear... Yeap... he's the new bond...... Well since I am working for the secret agent as well.. I got some biodata below...

Name: Ben
Age: Doenst really matter
Weapon: Hand gun
Specialty: Lots of ring of protection
Skill: Like any other skill james bond has...

Well this 00B is the new generation of 007 Bond... He shall save the world once and for all.. All hail him.. =D

Besides that.. he also exists in DOTA.. with his name known as Ben Bond and hero name as 00B.. his special weapon is one hit KO with his... silent gun =D

PS: This fictional character does not exist in real life.. Please don't find him.... If you wanna find him.. go find kaki


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